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World Okapi Day: Zoo-Supported Okapi Conservation Project Working to Protect the Endangered Okapi

October 18, 2020

⚠️Today is World Okapi Day! The okapi is an endangered species, closely related to the giraffe and endemic to the forests of Congo. The Okapi Conservation Project works with the government and local communities to manage and protect the Okapi Wildlife Reserve and the animals that inhabit it, with the support of a global network of institutions (including over 50 zoos!).


💲And why not supporting them if you can? Donate here.

Loro Parque Supports Research for Threatened Ray Species

October 14, 2020

🌊Loro Parque supports in-situ research for the mantelina, a threatened ray species. The acoustic tagging of some wild individuals, which took place last week, will allow researchers to find out more about the species' habitat use in the Canary Islands.

Over 1000 Zoo-Raised Hellbenders Reintroduced Into the Wild

October 10, 2020

Over 1000 captive-raised Ozark and eastern hellbenders were reintroduced into the wild this summer, thanks to the efforts of Saint Louis Zoo & partners!


✔️The zoo not only has a successful breeding programme for the Ozark hellbenders, but it also partakes in a headstarting programme for both species - collecting eggs from the wild for future release.


✔️Thousands of hellbenders have been reintroduced since 2008!

In an Europe's First, Chester Zoo Breeds the Mexican Leaf Frog

October 7, 2020

Another outstanding achievement by Chester Zoo - For the first time in Europe, they successfully bred the Mexican leaf frog!


Evidence-based husbandry in Action: The zoo's herpetologists recreated this species' natural environment - the hot & dry forests of Mexico - in order to encourage the frogs to breed... Result: 100 tadpoles hatched! 🐸

Captive-Bred Tasmanian Devils Released in Mainland Australia

October 6, 2020

🐾Tasmanian devils are now back in mainland Australia, after 3,000 years absence... A total of 26 captive-bred devils have now been released in a large fenced area in a sanctuary, where they will be closely monitored. It is hoped the devils will re-balance the ecosystem, which has been severely affected by invasive species!
✅Aussie Ark, which is an environmental charity supported by several zoos, is one of the organisations behind the Tasmanian devil reintroduction efforts.


Photo credit: Aussie Ark

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