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Living Coasts' New Partnership and Project for the Protection of Torbay's Seagrass Meadows

January 28, 2020

Zoo Conservation, Research and Education in Action at Wild Planet Trust's Living Coasts! In partnership with Valeport, this project aims to protect Torbay's seagrass meadows, the wildlife-rich "underwater gardens" with an important function in fighting climate change, via scientific research and public education!

Captive-bred Madagascar Pochards Breed in the Wild Just a Year After Release

January 18, 2020

Remember the captive-bred Madagascar pochards reintroduced into the wild a year ago? They have already bred! Two broods (of eight and four ducklings) have been spotted, "ahead of schedule", as they were not expected this soon.


WWT, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and partners are behind the conservation efforts for this critically endangered species.

Endangered Zoo-Bred Numbats Reintroduced into Nature Reserve in Western Australia

December 15, 2019

More conservation news from Perth Zoo ! Nine zoo-bred numbats were released into a nature reserve (Dryandra Woodland) last Monday, as part of the breed-for-release programme for this endangered species. 

IUCN Red List Update: Over 30.000 Threatened Species but Some are Doing Better!

December 11, 2019

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species has been updated!


😞Bad news first: 30.178 species threatened with extinction (27% of all species on the list), and there is more evidence of the negative impact of climate change.


😀But there are also GOOD news: eight bird and two fish species have improved their conservation status!


👏Captive breeding has been one of the key strategies in these success stories.

"Boom Boom Boom": Researchers Record New Crocodile Vocalisation at Australian Wildlife Park

December 08, 2019

What do crocodiles say? A team of researchers has recorded a new vocalisation while studying the saltwater crocodiles at Hartley's Crocodile Adventures. The "boom boom boom"-like sound seems to be associated with displays but its meaning is still unknown. Learning more about crocodile communication will help improving management in captivity and mitigating human-wildlife conflicts in the wild.

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