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Horned Lizards Reintroduction_Fort Worth Zoo.jpg

Zoo-Bred Texas Horned Lizards Released Into the Wild

September 23, 2022

Last week, 151 zoo-bred Texas horned lizards were released into the wild, at the Mason Mountain Wildlife Management Area. This achievement is the result of a collaboration between Texas Parks and Wildlife and several zoos, including Fort Worth Zoo (first to breed and establish an ex situ population for this species). The release programme boosts wild populations and increases their genetic diversity.

Leopard frog reintroduction_Oregon Zoo.jpg

HeadStart in Life: Zoo-Reared Northern Leopard Frogs Released Into the Wild

September 20, 2022

The Oregon Zoo and partners have released over 100 zoo-reared northern leopard frogs into the wild, at Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, part of a headstarting programme for the species. Eggs were collected from their natural habitat and then hatched and reared at the zoo for six months. Released as froglets, they have a much better chance of survival in the wild than in their earlier life stages. The species is listed as locally endangered, in Washington, where the release took place.

Western Swamp Tortoise Release_Perth Zoo 2022.jpg

Zoo-Bred Western Swamp Tortoises Reintroduced into the Wild in Australia: Largest Release Since the Start of the Programme

September 18, 2022

A total of 191 zoo-bred Western swamp tortoises have been recently reintroduced into the wild in Australia - largest release since the start of the breeding  programme in 1989. Perth Zoo has bred and released over 1000 individuals of this critically endangered species into protected areas of natural habitat, in collaboration with other organisations.

black hornbills breeding_PWP 2022.jpg

Never Seen Before: Threatened Black Hornbills at British Zoo Breed for Second Time in a Year 

September 12, 2022

Back in April, we shared the news that Paradise Wildlife Park had bred the threatened black hornbill - first time it happened in Europe in two years... Well, the same breeding pair has now defied expectations with two more chicks hatching in the same year - something that has never been documented in this species. These new chicks are a much needed boost for the ex situ population of this species.

Vietnamese pond turtles hatch_Nordens Ark 2022.jpg

Functionally Extinct Vietnamese Pond Turtles Hatch at Nordens Ark

September 5, 2022

New hope for the functionally-extinct Vietnamese pond turtle, as Nordens Ark have successfully bred the species! The illegal pet trade and habitat loss have driven the species to a point where it can no longer recover on its own. Ex situ breeding (for future reintroduction) is therefore a vital part of conservation efforts for the species.