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Goral reintroduction 2024.jpg

Zoo-Bred Himalayan Gorals Released into Singalila National Park, India

April 19, 2024

Two pairs of Himalayan gorals were released into the wild, in Singalila National Park (India). This release is part of a conservation translocation programme led by Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park that aims to reinforce the declining wild populations of this species. Habitat loss and hunting for food are the main threats to this species.

Turtle record breeding_Tennessee aquarium 2024.jpg

Record Breeding of the Critically Endangered Arakan Forest Turtle at a North American Aquarium

April 5, 2024

Seven Arakan Forest Turtles have hatched at Tennessee Aquarium, setting the record for the largest group of this species to ever hatch at an AZA-accredited institution. Critically endangered in the wild, and also relatively rare in human care, this successful breeding is an important step in the establishment of an insurance ex situ population for this species.

Black rhino translocation_Chester Zoo 2024.jpg

Zoo Research Facilitates Translocation of Critically Endangered Black Rhinos Back to Northern Kenya

February 19, 2024

In a boost for rhino conservation, 21 critically endangered black rhinos were translocated back to Loisaba, northern Kenya, where they have been extinct for half a century. This translocation was facilitated by technology and research methodologies developed by Chester Zoo, as part of their long-term research into rhino hormone monitoring.

Rhino Embryo_BioRescue.jpg

Breakthrough in Rhino Conservation with World’s First Successful 
Embryo Transfer

January 31, 2024

🦏The international team of scientists from BioRescue Project achieved the world's first successful rhino pregnancy following an embryo transfer. Egg cells and sperm, collected from zoo-housed southern white rhinos, were used to produce an embryo in vitro. The embryo was transferred into a surrogate female southern white rhino. The pregnancy was confirmed, with a well-developed male embryo.


Unfortunately, the female died of a bacterial infection, unrelated to the embryo transfer, 70 days into the pregnancy. Nevertheless, the successful procedure is a breakthrough for the conservation of threatened rhinos, in particular the northern white rhino.

Dibbler Breed for Release Perth Zoo 2023.jpg

Conservation Success: Perth Zoo’s Dibbler Breed-for-Release Programme Comes to an End After 26 Years  

January 16, 2024

Since 1997, over 1,100 dibblers have been bred at Perth Zoo for release into the wild, part of a conservation strategy to bring this endangered species back from the brink of extinction. The breeding programme has now come to an end, and the conservation efforts will focus on the protection of both natural and translocated populations. 

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