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European Zoo Nutrition Conference

Date: January 19-22, 2023

Location: Riga Zoo, Latvia

Nutrition is  very important part of management of zoo animals. And it is very rapidly developing field which includes research on feeding of species in situ, nutrition composition of diets, feeding practices ex situ, using of innovative technologies and software, and many more. If you are interested in all news, best experiences and professional discussions visit Riga and 12th Nutrition Conference!

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7th International Congress on Zookeeping

Date: October 4 - 7 

Location: Barcelona Zoo

The ICZ is excited to announce the 7th International Congress on Zookeeping. Proudly hosted by Barcelona Zoo and simultaneously the 8th AICAS Conference. We are aiming to bring together keepers from around the world under the theme `Conserving our future’. The congress is not limited to zookeepers only, everybody with a connection to the zoo-industry is welcome to join.

This congress will be bilingual ; in both English and Spanish.

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