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International Zoo Educators Association

Photo: Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa (Lisbon Zoo)

"The IZE is an association dedicated to expanding the educational impact of zoos and aquariums worldwide. All of our members are guided by a common mission: to improve the education programs in the facilities of its members, to provide access to the latest thinking, techniques, and information in conservation education and to support excellence in animal care and welfare."


North America

"Studies have shown that AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums enhance the public’s understanding of wildlife and the need to conserve the places animals live."


2016 stats

"Education at EAZA zoos and aquariums is not just about sharing knowledge of the natural world:  it’s about involving people in conservation, and helping them form connections that will benefit not only animals and their habitats, but also help people to learn more about themselves. "


"Each year Australasian zoos and aquariums connect 22 million people with wildlife, fostering a love for our world's species and educating people about positive actions to help save them."


"The ASMP manages animal populations for protection against extinction, release to the wild, conservation research and community education."

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Prague Zoo

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Animal Welfare

Smithsonian's National Zoo

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