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Do you want to pursue a Zoo Career?

The zoo industry is full of exciting careers to pursue, such as animal and veterinary care, education, conservation,  and research. If you are unsure what path is the right for you, have a look at the BIAZA Careers Guide and at AZA's list of types of zoo jobs

zoo keeper dallas zoo.jpg

Photo: Dallas Zoo

What to study?

Depending on the country, there are different education paths you can pursue if you are interested in working in a zoo. Biology, Zoology, Veterinary Science, Animal Behaviour & Welfare are all relevant subjects for a zoo job.

However, some countries offer very specific courses on the subject. You might be interested in studying one of these if you want to have a zoo specific education.

Job Vacancies

Zoo Research & Conservation

Dubai Safari Park logo.png

Conservation and Research Specialist

Dubai Safari Park (United Arab Emirates)

Plan, coordinate and execute all conservation and research plans and projects

  • Develop in-situ and ex-situ conservation initiatives for Dubai Safari and in coordination with government agencies or local NGOs, with an emphasis on local wildlife;

  • Coordinate with Zoology and the Vet Hospital in the rescue, rehabilitation and release initiatives for local wildlife, and facilitate the preparation of release sites, including assessment, networking, and post-release monitoring;

  • Coordinate with Zoology on possible local species, as well as threatened species, in the collection for conservation breeding and network with organizations directly working for their conservation to get involved in this effort;

  • Facilitate research initiatives within Dubai Safari and provide technical assistance to Life Sciences units in data interpretation, write-up and publication of scientific data gathered,

  • Coordinate with Education Unit to complement the Safari’s ex situ efforts to reach out further to other audiences apart from schools,

  • Manage a knowledge database of all research initiatives published by all Dubai Safari and of data collected for long-term study, and share feedback on the results with all Safari staff,

  • Represent Dubai Safari in conferences, seminars and workshops on research and conservation locally and internationally.

  • Coordinate, facilitate and help implement sustainability initiatives that contribute to a healthier environment. • Other duties as assigned.


Deadline: January 15

melbourne zoo logo.jpg

Life Sciences Manager (Animal Health)

Zoos Victoria - Melbourne Zoo (Australia)

Melbourne Zoo is seeking a dedicated Life Sciences Manager (LSM) to lead our Animal Health team. As the LSM you will be a visionary and passionate leader with a proven track record in animal health and welfare. In this key position, your leadership abilities will be paramount. You will be responsible for overseeing the Melbourne Zoo Animal Health Team and ensuring that our animal care, welfare, and conservation efforts adhere to world-class standards. It will be your role to inspire and guide a high-performing team towards a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

Your leadership skills will be evident in your collaboration with the Senior Veterinarian to establish and enforce animal care standards while developing a comprehensive medicine program. By leading by example, you will empower and motivate your team, fostering open communication and effective collaboration. Furthermore, your strategic thinking will be crucial in integrating animal management functions into visitor experience programs, enhancing the overall visitor experience, and promoting public understanding of wildlife conservation.

By joining our team at Zoos Victoria, you will have a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on wildlife conservation while contributing to our mission of protecting and preserving wildlife.


Deadline: December 8

florida aquarium logo.jpg

Sea Turtle Conservation Biologist - Seasonal

The Florida Aquarium (United States)

This is a full time seasonal position for 3 months.

This position is primarily responsible for assisting in the daily care of rescued and rehabilitating marine turtles and facility operations at the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center (STRC) based at The Florida Aquarium’s Center for Conservation (CFC) campus in Apollo Beach, FL. S/he is also responsible for maintaining adherence to all Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) requirements and guidelines in conjunction with the Animal Health team.

Essential Position Functions

  • Ensure compliance with all Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) marine turtle regulations and FLAQ processes, protocols and SOPs are consistently followed.

  • Perform daily marine turtle husbandry duties, including but not limited to food/diet preparation, animal feeding, and medical tests/treatments. 

  • Uphold the highest standards in maintaining marine turtle facilities and life support systems (LSS), including but not limited to diving to clean holding systems, maintaining life support and ozone systems, testing/adjusting water quality/chemistry parameters according to established SOPs, backwashing filtration systems, and conducting water changes.

  • Assist with field response/rescue/transport of stranded marine turtles, data and specimen collection, necropsy examinations at FLAQ and in the field, carcass disposal, and/or release of rehabilitated marine turtles.

  • Conduct public outreach programs and talks as needed.

  • Fulfill scheduling needs to provide 7 day/week coverage at the Center and 24-hour coverage for FWC requests for distressed or deceased marine turtle recovery and transport.

Walt Disney World jobs logo.jfif

Conservation Database Administrator Research Associate

Walt Disney Company (United States)

Join us as part of a dynamic team and science-based culture where our mission is to Lead Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to Care for animals and the environment, Connect people to nature, and Conserve our natural resources. This contract role will assist the Disney Conservation team based at Walt Disney World Resort® with helping to create databases and input data, analyze, visualize, and report out on current and future data collection efforts to assess the impact of our work on conservation, biodiversity and ecosystem services, and community impact. This position will also play a role in supporting our Disney Conservation mission, provide a data-driven foundation for impact storytelling, deliver business value, and advance our commitment to save wildlife, inspire action and protect the planet. A major portion of this role will be supporting database management for our team, with occasional opportunities to support our field-based conservation programs.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the direction of a Conservation Programs Manager, the Research Associate will:

  • Comply with Disney rules and guidelines relating to appearance and guidelines of professional conduct for the duration of the contract.

  • Devise and implement procedures for data handling and database organization.

  • Perform database creation and data retrieval, data input, quality control, analyses, visualization, and storytelling.

  • Ensure databases are backed-up and secured.

  • Synthesize results and regularly communicate with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Collaborate on conservation and biodiversity initiatives and strategies with internal/external collaborators.

  • Assist with coordination and impact evaluation for our conservation programs.

  • Assist with publishing the results of our scientific, education, conservation investigations in various outlets, including internal recommendations, position papers, and peer-reviewed journals. 

Tennessee Aquarium logo.jpg

Lab Tech II

Tennessee Aquarium (United States)

At the Tennessee Aquarium, our mission is to connect people with nature and empower them to make informed decisions about water and wildlife. We are fortunate to have a chance to make a difference every day - for the animals, for conservation, and for over 750,000 visitors annually.


This position is responsible for the daily operation of the water quality laboratory and ensures that all analysis and quality control procedures are properly carried out. This individual participates in daily analysis of life support systems, develops long term projects, trains/supervises student interns and part-time and temporary staff, and works to improve life support system (LSS) hardware efficiency.


Key Responsibilities

  1. Conduct daily system water quality analysis through properly retrieving samples from life support systems and analyzing major parameters such as pH, ammonia, etc.; applying and monitoring ozone; communicating water quality analysis to aquarist staff; and overseeing lab's quality control program through probe calibration, minor equipment repair, and lab cleanliness.

  2. Conduct system bacterial analysis through bacterial culture, identification, and population counts

  3. Conduct special projects such as assisting students in class projects, participating in research projects, troubleshooting LSS operational problems, and developing long term projects to improve current knowledge of filtration in artificial systems.

  4. Train new personnel in lab procedures including interpreting data and the use of water analysis devices.

  5. Participate in LSS and aquarist tasks and fish acquisition efforts to promote skill diversification

  6. Maintain records such as water analysis information, entry of coliform and ORP data into computerized files and databases including Zoological Information Management Software (ZIMS), maintains other administrative documents


Deadline: December 5

SDZ logo.png

Frozen Zoo Research Associate I

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (United States)

The Research Associate I performs assigned laboratory, animal care, field duties and/or training initiatives in support of a variety of conservation research, endangered species propagation, diagnostic activities and/or community initiatives. The position reports to a Supervisor level or higher in the Conservation Science & Wildlife Health department.



  • Perform a variety of laboratory, diagnostic, wildlife care, and/or field duties, depending on the assignment.

  • Collect, collate, maintain, process, and analyze records relevant to current projects (e.g., biological samples).

  • Prepare, arrange, and maintain records for sample and/or wildlife shipments.

  • Collect, record and analyze data utilizing spreadsheet and database systems.

  • Document, file, and maintain records.

  • Conduct a variety of assigned research, husbandry, training, and diagnostic activities.

  • Work with team administrative assistant to maintain supply inventories and prepare purchase requisitions.

  • Ensure laboratory, animal care, and field equipment are properly maintained and calibrated and coordinates repairs and maintenance of equipment and facilities with administrative assistant.

The Research Associate I performs assigned laboratory, animal care, field duties and/or training initiatives in support of a variety of conservation research, endangered species propagation, diagnostic activities and/or community initiatives. The position reports to a Supervisor level or higher in the Conservation Science & Wildlife Health department.

SDZ logo.png

Clinical Laboratory Technician I

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (United States)

The Clinical Laboratory Technician performs assigned clinical laboratory diagnostics, possible field protocols, and assigned projects in various areas within the clinical laboratory. This position reports to the Laboratory Manager, and/or Associate Director of Clinical Laboratory Services.


  • Receive, process, analyze, bank, ship and may collect, biological samples from wildlife in our care and conservation programs and perform care for banked samples in accordance with banking protocols.

  • Responsible for producing and reporting accurate and reliable test results including entering, troubleshooting, and analyzing test results using spreadsheet and database systems and refer questionable findings to senior technicians and/or manager.

  • Prepare, arrange, and maintain records for shipment of samples and process receipt of send out results.

  • Ensure daily QA/QC in all areas, perform maintenance and calibration of laboratory analyzers, reporting any issues to senior technician
    or laboratory manager, and ensure an adequate supply of laboratory supplies.

  • Prepare data and related reports for presentation and/or collaboration with other departments.

  • Update clinical laboratory, diagnostic, or laboratory field protocols as needed.

  • Analyze samples, prepare for shipping and/or storing samples for Biomaterials Review Group (BRG) requests.

  • May assist in training and being a resource for less experienced employees and volunteers.

  • Adhere to all CDC safety protocols and organization safety protocols including disposing of hazardous waste per safety standards.

butterfly pavilion logo.jpg

Target Species Manager

Butterfly Pavilion (United States)

The Target Species Manager spends a minimum of 40 hours per week fulfilling the research and conservation goals at Butterfly Pavilion, working in close cooperation with the Director of Research & Conservation, VP for Science, Conservation, and Operations, Environmental and Ecological Services, Horticulture, and Curatorial Departments. Much of that work will involve conservation and research focused on bee keeping and conservation at Butterfly Pavilion and in the field, including international field sites.

white oak logo.jpg

Conservation and Recovery Specialist

White Oak Conservation (United States)

The Conservation and Recovery Specialist will perform as a member of the White Oak team to achieve exceptional animal care and facility care standards in their area of focus to sustain and grow White Oak’s species recovery programs and achieve its conservation goals. This position has avian recovery program focus, with potential opportunities to work with other taxa such as amphibians and carnivores.  Canid experience is desired but not required. 

 Responsibilities and Tasks:

The essential duties and responsibilities of this position include the following. Other duties may be assigned, and some duties may be shared with other personnel, or may not be assigned at all.

• Participate in the daily care of the animals in designated area, to include feeding, cleaning, medicating, observing, training and enrichment activities;

 • Participate with animal restraint, incubation/hatching, hand-rearing, animal transfers, introductions, operant conditioning; area research projects; assisted reproduction in cranes; passerine mist-netting.

• Foster regular department delivery of guest engagement programs featuring wildlife populations.

• Assist veterinarian staff with animal care procedures, treatment, and sample collection, as directed by area supervisor.

• Notify supervisor of facility maintenance needs, supplies and animal feed needed in the area.

• Assist with minor animal care facilities maintenance including mowing, weed eating, pressure washing, dirt and substrate work, and limb pick up, and minor repairs.

• Report facility and equipment care needs.

• Maintain records and reports related to wildlife.

• Must accurately collect, maintain, organize, and assemble data and spreadsheets for analysis.

• Maintain, clean, and organize work and break areas, food storage, food prep, vehicles and equipment.

• Camera trapping operation, maintenance, and review.

• Responsible for the daily care of several invertebrate prey species and collection of wild invertebrate prey species.

• Observe and ensure area safety protocol, safe vehicle, and equipment operation.

 • Pest management activities. • Assist with intern training and mentoring.

 • Participate in trainings including animal husbandry and management, ZIMS record keeping, research, conservation and recovery projects, and education projects.

• Championing organizational efforts in diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging.

• Perform other duties that are not specifically identified above but are required to care for White Oak’s wildlife populations and programs. 

Calgary Zoo logo.png

Conservation Program Manager  (Sage Grouse Project)

The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo (Canada)

The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo is seeking a full-time permanent Conservation Research Population Ecologist to join our team.

The successful candidate will be responsible for project management, developing peer-reviewed publications, and reports related to conservation translocation programs.  They will supervise and mentor associate research and field technician staff, provide guidance regarding program decisions to internal and external partners, and will take and inspire conservation actions.  The Conservation Research Population Ecologist leads research to provide science-based advice to inform management decisions and/or the development of policies, guidelines, or best practices for species at risk.  They will build and foster partnerships and collaborations with representatives from academia, government, industry, local community members, and other involved parties to advance the zoo’s mission and vision.

As the successful candidate, you will work within our Conservation Translocation portfolio with a focus on our Greater Sage Grouse project, however in the future you may be required to focus on other conservation species as needed.


Deadline: December 1

Calgary Zoo logo.png

Wildlife Conservation Research Assistant

The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo (Canada)

The Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo is looking for a Wildlife Conservation Research Scientist to support the study design, analysis, and publication needs of our conservation programs.  You can learn more about the work done by this team by clicking here.    

The Wildlife Conservation Research Scientist will support the Conservation & Science team to increase its collective conservation impacts and scientific profile.  This position will work closely with the Conservation Program Managers and other collaborators to provide expertise in study design, modeling, analysis, and publications across multiple conservation programs, with a focus on quality of research that will inform applied conservation of species-at-risk. The Research Scientist will provide the conservation team with data analysis and publication writing expertise in some of the following fields: conservation translocations, population ecology, biological monitoring, ecological restoration, and related topics. This role will directly manage the Conservation Analyst staff members, and work closely with the Animal Care, Health and Welfare team and external collaborators on joint study designs, analyses and publications. They will also act as a learning leader to share technical knowledge, network with academic and technical partners, and act as a spokesperson for the Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo at national and international conferences. The Wildlife Conservation Research Scientist will report to the Associate Director, Conservation & Science, and work closely with the conservation team’s Senior Managers. 


Deadline: November 24

Odysea aquarium loho.png

Laboratory Technician

OdySea Aquarium (United States)

OdySea Aquarium is looking for an energetic, dedicated person to join the Animal Health Department. The Laboratory Technician will play an integral part in the operation of the onsite Animal Health Laboratory and provide support to the Animal health department, Animal Care Team, and animal collection. Areas of concentration include biological sample analysis, water quality analysis, proper equipment operation and maintenance, inventory, and establishing standard operating procedures that emphasize current industry standards. 

sparsholt college logo.png

HE Lecturer - Zoo Biology / Animal Management

Sparsholt College (United Kingdom)

University Centre Sparsholt is looking to appoint an enthusiastic and dynamic lecturer and in Zoo Biology or Animal Management to join the HE team. The successful candidate will be part of a team ensuring the quality of Sparsholt‘s Higher Education provision and will teach on a range of courses which may include zoo biology, animal management (including livestock), veterinary nursing and equine science. The academic role will involve supporting and tutoring our students and delivering both taught and practical classes. All staff will engage in CPD and scholarly activity and there are opportunities for personal development to study higher degrees where appropriate to the role. The post holder should be qualified to at least Level 6 in a relevant subject area, with post graduate qualifications desirable. The post holder should also possess, or be willing to work towards, an appropriate teaching qualification or hold Fellowship of Advance HE (FHEA).

This post will be based at the Sparsholt Campus.


Deadline: November 20

Port Moresby Nature Park logo.png

General Manager - Life Sciences

Port Moresby Nature Park (Papua New Guinea)

PMNP is home to approximately 400 native animals, representing 59 PNG species and is the highest visited attraction in the country with over 130,000 visitors per year, including 25,000 school children attending structured school excursion programs. 

PMNP also operates PNG’s only wildlife rescue & rehabilitation centre and is the only site in the country to conduct multiple ex-situ-based wildlife research, breeding and conservation programmes. Programs have included a focus on endangered and little-studied PNG species including Bird of Paradise, tree kangaroos, cuscus, pig-nosed turtles and frogs. PMNP is an accredited member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australasia (ZAA) and prides itself as a leader in animal welfare practices and ex-situ conservation efforts in the South Pacific Islands region.

Dallas World Aquarium logo.jpg

Animal Wellbeing Coordinator

Dallas World Aquarium (United States)

The Dallas World Aquarium (DWA) seeks Animal Wellbeing Coordinator to support the Animal Care Departments in the routine operations of the Animal Welfare Program. Opening in 1992, the DWA is home to a unique collection of primarily neotropical animals, has been accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) since 1997 and a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) since 2000.

The candidate will be in charge of the Enrichment Program, by planning, implementing and evaluating enrichment activities, ensuring animals’ physiological and psychological wellbeing throughout the collection of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, aquatics and invertebrates. Candidate will be in charge of keeping detailed records and making periodical updates to the program. Candidate will also perform various registrar responsibilities, regarding entering animal behavior records, training and nutritional logs, and any other pertinent information, as requested by Animal Managers.

Candidate will be participating in welfare assessments, and providing support for the accomplishment of proposed goals and improvements. Other tasks include, but are not limited to, husbandry care, participation on drills, training, call and response of Emergency Signals, enforcement of safety protocols and USDA compliances.

bristol zoological society logo.jpg

Project Manager: Promoting Human-Wildlife Co-existence

Bristol Zoological Society (based in Moca Village, Equatorial Guinea)

Under the project: "Transformation and expansion of results and lessons learned in the landscapes of Monte Alen and Rio Campo through an inclusive landscape-scale approach, effective land use planning and local governance promotion project”, funded by GEF (Global Environment Facility) and implemented by the executing agency IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), we are seeking a contractor for a fixed term position of a native Spanish-speaking project manager to oversee a 2 year-project with the aim of promoting human-wildlife co-existence around Monte Alén National Park on mainland Equatorial Guinea. The project manager must also be able to communicate in English. The project is funded by GEF in its seventh deposit of funds and implemented by the IUCN and is a collaboration between Bristol Zoological Society (BZS), INDEFOR-AP (the National Institute for Forest Development and Protected Area Management of Equatorial Guinea) and the University of Calgary.


Deadline: November 13

zsl logo.jpg

Science Co-ordinator

Zoological Society of London (United States)

Working across the Science Directorate, the role supports effective operational and administrative coordination. Reporting to the Director of Science, the postholder provides confidential coordination of appointments, meetings, reports and mailroom. The postholder facilitates effective communication of information within the Directorate, between the Directorate and other ZSL departments, and to our external collaborators and clients.

Key Responsibilities

  • Support the Director of Science with calendar requests and scheduling of tasks to meet deadlines.

  • Support the Director of Science and other staff members in coordinating and scheduling meetings, travel and activities.

  • Be the initial point of contact for queries (internal and external) directed at the Science Directorate, including the Institute of Zoology.

  • Support meeting organization and communication, including, but not limited to, reserving and setting up meeting rooms, arranging videoconferencing technology as required, ordering and supervising catering for meetings, preparing formal invitations, preparing and distributing documents for discussion, managing meeting agendas, taking minutes, and tracking actions agreed from meetings.

  • Purchase equipment and supplies, and make travel and hotel bookings using the Science Directorate credit card.

  • Support the Director of Science with special projects within the Science Directorate and in collaboration with other ZSL departments


Deadline: November 19

zsl logo.jpg

Molecular Biology Technician

Zoological Society of London (United States)

The purpose of this role is to provide technical laboratory support to a collaborative wildlife health project entitled ‘One Health approaches to support agroecological transformation of peri-urban farming’. This project aims to understand whether the intensification of pig farming in West Africa influences the spill over of bat viruses into livestock and people. The technician’s main role will include conducting molecular diagnostic testing of samples to detect and characterise RNA viruses as well as support the administration of the project. Laboratory and office work will be conducted at the Institute of Zoology, ZSL, Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4RY.


Key Responsibilities

  • To conduct molecular diagnostic assays on samples collected from field sites in Ghana. This will principally involve RNA extraction, conventional PCR, real-time reverse transcriptase PCR, submission for Sanger sequencing and interpretation of sequence data.

  • To be responsible for sample receipt from collaborators, and submission of samples to external laboratories for further testing as required. This will principally involve liaising with international collaborators and couriers.

  • To collate and record data from field sampling to analysis.

  • To maintain sample archives, including monitoring the functionality of freezers and other storage facilities used for these archives.

  • To develop and maintain up-to-date and accurate databases of samples and results, and to record and collate information for reports to collaborators and funders in a timely manner.

  • To carry out other administrative tasks required for the smooth running of the project, this may include organising meetings.


Deadline: November 24

memphis zoo logo.jpg

Post Doctoral Fellow (Ex/In Situ Amphibian Conservation)

Memphis Zoo (United States)

The Memphis Zoo is seeking an independently motivated, ambitious, and highly energetic individual for a 3-year Post-doctoral Research Fellowship in the Department of Conservation and Research. Specifically, the Memphis Zoo is seeking a candidate with experience linking ex situ and in situ Conservation with specialization in Amphibian Ecology.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The purpose of the post-doc is to broaden the Memphis Zoo’s progress towards its top-tier wildlife conservation priorities. The Fellow’s responsibility is to develop new research projects and nurture existing conservation-oriented partnerships. We are seeking candidates that have backgrounds and skills which enable them to lead conservation programs for amphibians, with the potential to develop projects in other subjects/taxa. We seek a passionate conservation biologist who is able to apply their expertise to expand upon the foundations of amphibian conservation and research at the Memphis Zoo (See Memphis Zoo website and list of recent publications). We seek a scientist with demonstrated research output, productivity, grantsmanship and significant promise of interdisciplinary research, local and regional collaborations, scholarship, and conservation practice. Within this framework, research focus could be in any area related to biodiversity conservation, including, but not limited to, ecology, evolution, animal behavior, biophysics, microbiology, ecophysiology, systematic, field biology, etc.

Akron Zoo logo.png

Director of Conservation

Akron Zoo (United States)

The Director of Conservation is responsible for leading the implementation and accomplishment of the Zoo’s conservation strategic plan. By collaborating and coordinating with key internal and external stakeholders, the Director functions as an administrator and convener to ensure that strategic goals related to wildlife and environmental conservation & sustainability are achieved. This position serves as a member of the Zoo’s senior leadership team and works in close collaboration with other department directors, the Executive Team and the Board Conservation Committee.

Chester Zoo logo.jfif

Conservation Scientist: Social Science

Chester Zoo (United Kingdom)

We currently have an exciting vacancy for a Conservation Scientist to join our Science team, to work on our exciting social science research projects, both here at Chester Zoo and as part of our international conservation programmes.

You will support the Lead Conservation Scientist to ensure Chester Zoo maintains the highest external reputation and credibility as a world-leader in one of the zoo’s specialised areas of scientific innovation and research excellence. You will lead on specific programme projects, effectively translating scientific outputs from these research projects to maximise conservation impact to achieve Chester Zoo’s conservation strategies and mission.  


Deadline: November 30

twycross zoo logo.jpg

Lepidoptera Conservation Co-ordinator

Twycross Zoo (United Kingdom)

To work in partnership with Butterfly Conservation, West Midlands Branch of Butterfly Conservation, Forestry England, Natural England and other key partners to support conservation of butterflies and moths within the Wyre Forest landscape, including habitat assessments, ecological surveys, reintroduction feasibility studies and habitat management.


Deadline: November 12

Point defiance zoo logo.png

Conservation Manager

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium/Northwest Trek Wildlife Park (United States)

Under the direction of the Director of ZEED (Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium/Northwest Trek Wildlife Park) the role develops, implements, and manages departmental initiatives to advance off-site/community experiences, improving access, and connection to, site-based experiences.  Provide oversight of ZEED contributed programming and staff associated with broad, school based, community service initiatives.

Engagement with local communities in developing and enhancing the protection of nature; deepening partnerships within community convening points and advance understanding of careers at ZEED or other related industries.

In the performance of their respective tasks and duties all employees are expected to conform to the following:

- Perform quality work within deadlines with or without direct supervision.
- Interact professionally with other employees, customers and suppliers.
- Work effectively as a team contributor on all assignments.
- Work independently while understanding the necessity for communicating and coordinating work efforts with other employees and organizations.
- Observe applicable safety requirements, use safety equipment provided, implement appropriate safety practices at all times and report immediately any unsafe working conditions or hazards.

indianapolis zoo logo.jpg

Conservation Coordinator: Marine Species & Ecosystems

IUCN SSC/Indianapolis Zoo (United States)

The Indianapolis Zoo and the IUCN Species Survival Commission have partnered to create the Global Center for Species Survival, operated from within the Indianapolis Zoo. The Global Center for Species Survival houses a multicultural team of full-time staff employed by the Indianapolis Zoo who are dedicated to support the missions of the Indianapolis Zoo and the SSC. Work will be primarily performed on-site at the Indianapolis Zoo Global Center for Species Survival office, but travel may be required.

The Global Center for Species Survival Staff Team provides critical training, capacity and coordination support to further mobilize the species conservation efforts of the IUCN SSC Network of experts alongside wider partner and key stakeholder communities. Seven Conservation Coordinators (each assigned to a specific taxon or realm) comprise part of the Global Center for Species Survival Staff team.   

We are currently seeking a Conservation Coordinator: Marine Species & Ecosystems to complete our team. This position is open and available to all candidates worldwide. International candidates must be able to acquire a work visa. Fluency in English a requirement of all positions. Fluency in other languages is desired. 

The Marine Conservation Coordinator will focus on assessing, planning and mobilizing policy and action for mammals’ conservation around the world. 


Responsibilities of this position include: 

Supporting coordination of SSC marine specialist groups:

  • Maintains and continues to build high quality relationships with each of the SSC Marine Specialist Groups to assist with the delivery of their key objectives and identification of priority opportunities for mammal conservation.

  • With guidance from Chairs of the Marine Specialist Groups, encourages and motivates the SSC Marine and SSC Groups to advance global species conservation efforts around the SSC Species Conservation Cycle (Assess-Plan-Act), with a specific focus on the “Plan” and “Act”.

  • Gathers and integrates knowledge and expertise into creating strategic proposals for approval, launching projects/initiatives, developing calls for action on specific species issues, coordinating behavior change campaigns (in collaboration with the Behavior Change Coordinator), and assisting in species-specific IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations.

  • Contributes to and reviews formal, programmatic and communication documents as required, including periodic outcome and planning reporting to the SSC for the annual SSC data process.

  • Ensures good communication and fosters collaboration and coordination between SSC Marine Specialist Groups, GCSS and wider Indianapolis Zoo teams, the SSC Chair’s Office, the IUCN Global Species Program and key partners to ensure a cohesive and collegial approach in relation to all species related work.

  • Bolsters collaboration across the SSC network and the constituent parts of the IUCN, governments, non-profit conservation organizations, accredited zoo and aquarium communities and the wider conservation community to maximize the relevance and conservation impact of activities and joint projects for marine conservation.

  • Attends, and where possible helps coordinate, Specialist Group meetings.

  • Engages with conservation campaigns targeted at species requiring urgent conservation attention, mobilizing relevant experts, appropriate communication and behavior change efforts and support collaborations with other NGOs and governments to deliver action to prevent imminent extinctions. 

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