Do you want to pursue a Zoo Career?

There are several career paths you can pursue within a zoo, including zoo keeping, veterinary science, biology & zoology, education... If you are unsure what path is the right for you, check out the BIAZA's Zoo Careers Guide and the AZA's Types of Zoo and Aquarium Jobs.

Photo: Dallas Zoo

What to study?

Depending on the country, there are different education paths you can pursue if you are interested in working in a zoo. Biology, Zoology, Veterinary Science, Animal Behaviour & Welfare are all relevant subjects for a zoo job.

However, some countries offer very specific courses on the subject. You might be interested in studying one of these if you want to have a zoo specific education.

Check out our list of zoo-focused undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses and research opportunities:

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Do you want to be a zoo scientist? 

Unsure how to get there? Check out our blog post!

World-wide Job Vacancies:

Zoo Research & Conservation

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For other zoo-related jobs, check the following links:

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