Do you want to pursue a Zoo Career?

There are several career paths you can pursue within a zoo, including zoo keeping, veterinary science, biology & zoology, education... If you are unsure what path is the right for you, check out the BIAZA's Zoo Careers Guide and the AZA's Types of Zoo and Aquarium Jobs.

Photo: Dallas Zoo

What to study?

Depending on the country, there are different education paths you can pursue if you are interested in working in a zoo. Biology, Zoology, Veterinary Science, Animal Behaviour & Welfare are all relevant subjects for a zoo job.

However, some countries offer very specific courses on the subject. You might be interested in studying one of these if you want to have a zoo specific education.

Aspiring zoo scientist?

Job Vacancies

Zoo Research & Conservation

Research Coordinator

San Diego Zoo (Institute for Conservation Research)

The Research Coordinator conducts assigned research activities and oversees research operations in a specialized area of biological science.  This position reports to the Senior Scientist.



  • Oversees research collections of biological samples

  • May provide lead guidance to assigned staff

  • Assists in the development of research plans

  • Reviews applicable literature

  • Develops, updates, and conducts research procedures

  • Oversees assigned laboratory, field, diagnostic, or research collection operations and facilities

  • Develops, updates, and implements related procedures

  • Selects, processes, and maintains filing systems

  • Oversees maintenance and organization of research equipment

  • Maintains records, inventories supplies, and prepares necessary purchase requisitions

  • Documents, summarizes, and analyzes data

  • Oversees, trains, and instructs volunteers, students, and others in facility operations, and research procedures

  • Maintains a variety of contacts in order to respond to inquiries and requests

  • Effectively coordinate activities

  • Exposure to zoonotic diseases, potentially hazardous chemicals, and biohazardous materials

  • May carry out laboratory, diagnostic and research projects

  • May assist in developing, administering, and monitoring budgets

Manager of Applied Animal Welfare Science

Detroit Zoo

The Manager of Applied Animal Welfare Science supports the Director of Animal Welfare in achieving the goals of the Center for Zoo and Aquarium Animal Welfare and Ethics (CZAAWE):

  • Assists in the planning, facilitating, and implementation of research on zoo animal welfare, including statistical analysis and manuscript preparation

  • Coordinates applied animal welfare research-related activities

  • Manages the daily operations of the CZAAWE lab and the activities of the lab assistant

  • Manages the research database (internal and external projects) and assists with the proposal review process

  • Develops and conducts presentations in both formal and informal settings

  • Assists with CZAAWE workshops and symposiums

  • Assists with the selection and purchasing of equipment and software

  • Trains staff for data collection and on the use of equipment and software

  • Coordinates external collaborations with colleges and universities

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