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Scientific Journals: Zoo Research

African dogs litter feeding_JZAR 2022.jpg

Feeding regimen and growth comparison in two related African painted dog Lycaon pictus litters
 (Cloutier et al., 2022)

Children affilliation to wildlife_Zoo Biology 2022.jpg

Impact of animal programming on children's attitudes toward local wildlife
(Jerger et al., 2022)


Impact of Broad-Spectrum Lighting on Recall Behaviour in a Pair of Captive Blue-Throated Macaws
(Ara glaucogularis)

 (Bryant, Konczol & Michaels, 2022)

Exhibit design and dwell time_JZAR 2022.jpg

The impact of exhibit design on zoo visitor dwell time based on an unobtrusive observational methodology in Central European zoos (Kohut & Katona, 2022)

Museum and zoo collaboration_BIOSCIENCE 2022.jpg

Bridging the Research Gap between Live Collections in Zoos and Preserved Collections in Natural History Museums 
(Poo et al., 2022)