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Scientific Journals

Scientific Journals: Zoo Research

Burrowing in captive juvenile Desertas wolf spiders (Hogan ingens)
(Rowlands et al., 2021)

A System for Monitoring Acoustics to Supplement an Animal Welfare Plan for Bottlenose Dolphins

(Jones et al., 2021)

Sex‐specific actuarial and reproductive senescence in zoo‐housed tiger (Panthera tigris): The importance of sub‐species for conservation) 
(Tidière et al., 2021).

Assessing saddle‐billed stork (Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis) pair‐bonds and breeding behavior using behavior observed during multiple breeding seasons (Weibel et al., 2021)

Influences of Rearing Environment on Behaviour and Welfare of Captive Chilean Flamingos: A Case Study on Foster-Reared and Parent-Reared Birds
(Kidd & Rose, 2021)

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