Zoo Conservation



Find out more about SAFE and how to get involved here.

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EAZA'S campaign to promote sustainable fishing practices and encourage sustainable consumption

"This Campaign addresses how commercially-based human activities impact marine species conservation. It focuses on how zoos and aquariums work and will encourage participants to make real changes to their working practices by applying the already shared vision to united objectives for marine biodiversity management and protection." 

Find out more about conservation by EAZA and their members here.

North America

Find out more about conservation by AZA and their members here.


"ZAA-accredited zoos and aquariums in Australasia are huge contributors to conservation in our part of the world and globally. ZAA members participate in 629 conservation programs for threatened species worldwide. In 2017, they funded a total of $20.6 million to conservation as well as a further $3.1 million of in-kind support."

Find out more about conservation by ZAA and their members here.


ZAA Conservation Highlights 2018

Saving Species One at a Time

Zoos are saving species... and we can prove it! Find in our blog the stories of species that are in risk of extinction and the conservation efforts of zoos and other institutions to protect them.

Zoo Conservation Memes

The following memes were created by Zoos Saving Species. They show the involvement of zoos in the conservation of several species all over the world.


Other Resources on Zoo Conservation...

Check out the other Zoo Missions

Photo: Oregon Zoo

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Photo: Oregon Zoo

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Photo: Marwell Zoo

Photo: Smithsonian's National Zoo

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