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Captive-bred Madagascar Pochards Breed in the Wild Just a Year After Release

January 18, 2020

Remember the captive-bred Madagascar pochards reintroduced into the wild a year ago? They have already bred! Two broods (of eight and four ducklings) have been spotted, "ahead of schedule", as they were not expected this soon.
WWT, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and partners are behind the conservation efforts for this critically endangered species.

ZAA 2019 Wildlife Reintroduction Highlights

December 30, 2019

With 2019 coming to an end, the Zoo and Aquarium Association has highlighted some of the achievements of their members throughout the year, in breeding and releasing native threatened species back into the wild!

Photo credit: Adelaide Zoo (Orange-bellied parrot)

Endangered Zoo-Bred Numbats Reintroduced into Nature Reserve in Western Australia

December 15, 2019

More conservation news from Perth Zoo ! Nine zoo-bred numbats were released into a nature reserve (Dryandra Woodland) last Monday, as part of the breed-for-release programme for this endangered species. 

European Funding Secured for a Scottish Wildcat Reintroduction Centre at RZSS

November 19, 2019

Great news for the Scottish wildcat! European funding has been secured to develop a reintroduction centre for this species, based at Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS)'s Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig. The Scottish wildcat no longer has viable populations in the wild, due to hybridisation with domestic & feral cats, and the reintroduction of captive-bred animals is a vital step in the conservation process.

Extinct-in-the-Wild Spix's Macaw to Return to Brazil

November 10, 2019

The Extinct-in-the-Wild Spix’s macaw will soon return to its natural habitat, as captive-bred animals will be sent to Brazil in February next year. In a first step, they will acclimatise in an enclosure in Brazil before they go back to the wild. This is the result of a collaboration between several institutions: Pairi Daiza, Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots e.V., ICMBio & Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation in Qatar.

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