Conservation Programmes

Endangered Captive-Bred Louisiana Pine Snakes Reintroduced into the Wild

June 28, 2020

Earlier this month, 41 Louisiana pine snakes were released into the wild, part of a collaborative programme to restore the wild populations of this endangered species. Several zoos are partners in this project, including Audubon Zoo, Fort Worth Zoo, Memphis Zoo, Ellen Trout Zoo, Phoenix Zoo and Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

Critically endangered Zoo-Bred Regent Honeyeaters Released Into the Wild

June 24, 2020

Twenty captive-bred regent honeyeaters were reintroduced into the wild, in New South Wales (Australia). This species is critically endangered & Taronga Zoo Sydney's breeding programme, integrated with in-situ efforts by BirdLife Australia, aims to boost the population numbers in the wild.

Captive-Bred Bearded Vultures Reintroduced into the Wild

June 15, 2020

Four captive-bred bearded vultures were released back into the wild, in the Grand Causses - the eight release in the area since 2012. These reintroduction efforts are part of the LIFE GypConnect project by Vulture Conservation Foundation & partners, which include EAZA and Tierpark Berlin & Parco Natura Viva, where three of the released vultures were bred.

Chester Zoo Reintroduces Captive-Bred Butterflies Back Into Manchester's Peatlands

June 01, 2020

Last week, Chester Zoo reintroduced captive-bred large heath butterflies back into the wild, in Manchester's peatlands, where this species went locally extinct over 100 years ago. The Lancashire Wildlife Trust, partner in this project, has been restoring this species habitat for years.

Marine Conservation: Florida Aquarium is Working to Protect & Restore World's Third Largest Barrier Reef

May 23, 2020

The Florida Reef Tract is the third largest barrier reef in the world, and it is in danger! But not all is lost... The Florida Aquarium's Coral Conservation Program aims to protect and restore this reef, using a "Protect ➡️Reproduce➡️Care➡️Restore" approach!

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