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"As with humans, research with individuals is leading to great progress in the fields of veterinary medicine and nutrition, allowing zoos and aquariums to provide their animals with the very latest care for their physical needs.
But it’s not just about physical health: EAZA researchers are looking very carefully at how to reflect as fully as possible the psychological and behavioural needs of individual animals, and are expanding our understanding of how they think and interact.
The findings of researchers in zoos and in the field can also help conservationists provide better care for rescued or sick animals.

"UK zoos and aquariums have had a close relationship with science ever since the creation of the Zoological Society of London in 1826 and the later opening of Regent’s Park Zoo as a scientific establishment."

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Photo: Blair Drummond Safari Park

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North America

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Photo: Chester Zoo

Zoos as Science Boosters

by The Zoo Scientist/ published in Zoospensefull

"The opportunity to be in close contact with these animals provides us with knowledge and data that can be of use in the management of wild populations. Hence, we can consider animals in captivity ambassadors for their wild counterparts. Research studies carried out by zoological institutions don’t always focus on animals in their collection only: a lot of work is conducted in situ, either directly by the zoos or supported by them."

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"Studying zoo animals: Why it's worth the effort"

by Dr. Paul Rose/ published in Current Conservation

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"Zoos are a contentious issue for some, but for me, they are a necessary part of modern conservation because of their intrinsic value to learning more about the ecology, biology, and behaviour of animals."

Other Zoo Missions

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Wildlife Conservation

Prague Zoo

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Marwell Wildlife

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Animal Welfare

Detroit Zoo

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