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The 2020 Five Domains Model: Including Human–Animal Interactions in Assessments of Animal Welfare (Mellor et al., 2020)

October 2020

The Five Domains Model of animal welfare assessment has just been updated in a new paper:
🐾Five Domains: (1) Nutrition, (2) Physical Environment, (3) Health, (4) Behavioural Interactions, (5) Mental State;
🐾Update adds human-animal interactions to the model;
🐾Applicable to all animal caretakers, including zoo keepers, researchers & veterinary staff!

The Use of a Species-Specific Health and Welfare Assessment Tool for the Giant Pacific Octopus, Enteroctopus dofleini (Holst & Miller-Morgan, 2020)

September 2020

A new study has proposed a health & welfare assessment tool for the Giant Pacific octopus:

🐙 Categories assessed: external appearance, behaviour & signs of stress and disease;

🐙 Severity score system;

🐙 Upward trend in score identified within 3-4 weeks of death - predictor?


Photo credit: Aquarium of the Bay

Seasonal and Daily Activity of Two Zoo-Housed Grizzly Bears (Ursus arctos horribilis)

August 2020

New study investigated activity patterns in two zoo-housed grizzly bears:
🐻Most inactivity recorded in winter;
🐻Stereotypies and general activity emerged in spring and summer;
🐻Stereotypies more frequent in the morning.

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