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Manchester Metropolitan University

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University of Plymouth

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Sparsholt University Centre

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University of Plymouth

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Sparsholt University Centre


Askham Bryan College

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MRes, MPhil & PhD opportunities

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MRes Biological Sciences: Using camera traps to assess mammal communities in East Africa

University of Chester & Chester Zoo

Many mammal species are difficult to survey due to nocturnal or crepuscular habits, low detectability and cryptic behaviour. Camera traps offer a solution to many of these issues by allowing scientists to survey remotely, for long periods and during all times of the day and night. Extensive camera trap surveys of Uganda’s protected areas are being conducted by Chester Zoo. Although predominantly deployed as part of an on-going national assessment of giant pangolins, the camera traps generate information about the presence and distribution of the entire mammal assemblage within these sites. This MRes project will use data collected from these camera traps to investigate the mammal communities within these habitats. The project will involve using previously collected camera trap images to identify species of interest such as carnivores, antelopes and pigs. The distribution of these species can then be related to surrounding habitat features. This information will contribute to a wider collaboration between the University and Chester Zoo focusing on giant pangolin. This project would suit a student who has good IT skills and some experience of GIS. 

The tuition fees for this project will be funded by Chester Zoo.


Deadline: July 31