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Biofluorescence_Tasmanian Devil_Toledo Z

First Evidence of Biofluorescence in Tasmanian Devils Documented by Zoo Researchers

December 16, 2020

The researchers at The Toledo Zoo documented what is believed to be the first evidence of biofluorescence in Tasmanian devils. Despite the exciting findings, there is much we don't know about this phenomenon in this species and further research is required!

Butterfly acoustic tagging_Loro Parque.p

Loro Parque Supports Research for Threatened Ray Species

October 14, 2020

🌊Loro Parque supports in-situ research for the mantelina, a threatened ray species. The acoustic tagging of some wild individuals, which took place last week, will allow researchers to find out more about the species' habitat use in the Canary Islands.

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Younger Singaporeans More Likely to Support Conservation - WRS Survey

October 2, 2020

A survey conducted by Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) found that younger Singaporeans are more likely to support conservation efforts...
☑️Ages 16-24: 50% claimed to support conservation efforts;
☑️Ages 45-54: only 20% claimed to do so.
☑️61% claimed the biggest barrier to support conservation was not knowing where to begin.
☑️WRS suggests volunteering to start with!

☑️61% of visitors to WRS zoos learned new facts about animals during visits.
☑️31% of the visiting children showed increased interest in caring for biodiversity.


Zoo-Supported Project by Polar Bears International is Monitoring Polar Bear Movements & Sea Ice Extensions

July 23, 2020

Supported by several zoos, Polar Bears International is tracking the polar bear movements and sea ice extensions in Hudson Bay. This research is fundamental to further understand how polar bears are coping with the on-going melting of the sea ice, caused by climate change.

Zoo-Supported Research is Allowing to Track & Study Red Pandas in the Wild

June 07, 2020

As part of a long-term monitoring initiative by Red Panda Network, 10 red pandas were fitted with GPS collars and are being tracked in the forests of Ilam (in the border between Nepal and India). This research is a result of a collaboration between several institutions, including the government of Nepal, Rotterdam Zoo & others, and will allow to learn more about the ecology of this endangered species.

Sun Bear ExSitu Research: Priority Topics

June 01, 2020

If you are interested in doing research on sun bears, have a look at this list of priority topics you can focus on... This document was put together by Free the Bears & the IUCN Bear Specialist Group, with support from partners.

Zoo Attendance Increases with Number, Size and Rareness of Animals

February 05, 2020

A new published study showed that zoos that house more and larger animals have greater attendance, which then results in greater contributions to in-situ conservation! Unusual species and proximity to large populations also positively impacts attendance...


This study was the result of a collaboration between Trinity College Dublin, Species360 & National University of Ireland, Galway, and provides valuable information for zoos to manage (and potentially improve) their attendance.

Living Coasts' New Partnership and Project for the Protection of Torbay's Seagrass Meadows

January 28, 2020

Zoo Conservation, Research and Education in Action at Wild Planet Trust's Living Coasts! In partnership with Valeport, this project aims to protect Torbay's seagrass meadows, the wildlife-rich "underwater gardens" with an important function in fighting climate change, via scientific research and public education!

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