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Sir David Attenborough

"So, I justify zoos providing they are scientific, providing they are selective with what they keep and providing they keep them to the best possible standard"

Photo: ZSL

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Dr. Jane Goodall

"Dr Goodall said she was honoured by the dedication and to be a part of the zoo's community, especially as zoos, such as Taronga, were "playing a major part in conservation efforts and education"."


Conservation Work of Zoos and Aquariums Recognised by IUCN Species Survival Commission

October 20, ,2023

"the IUCN Species Survival Commission proudly recognizes and applauds the significant contributions made by botanic gardens, aquariums, and zoos in their critical mission of conserving wild animals, fungi, and plants. (...) In a call to action, SSC encourages all entities, including government agencies, to foster collaboration with botanic gardens, aquariums, and zoos. This collective effort, under the umbrella of the One Plan Approach, exemplifies the commitment to a unified strategy for saving species from the brink of extinction. "

"Saving zoos, their science and conservation impact, from extinction" by Dr. Rose & Dr. Riley

April 6, 2021

In a new perspective piece in Current Conservation, Dr. Paul Rose & Dr. Lisa Riley discuss the importance of zoo research & conservation and why these must be saved from the serious impacts of COVID-19!

"How data can help save species" by Species 360's Director of Science Dr. Conde

December 2, 2021

“(...) we can use this data [from zoos & aquariums] to understand demography, birth rates, and mortality rates. Even if they're captive populations, they can bring a lot of information for wild populations.”.

"Progressive zoos and aquariums must be part of the world’s response to COVID-19" by WAZA's CEO Dr. Zordan 

January 13, 2021

“(...) With this huge and growing audience, we nurture strong relationships with the wider public. We foster love for animals and advocate for them to have their habitats protected. Where science often struggles to find the words to engage people, zoos and aquariums bridge the gap. (...)".

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