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pinniped cognitive enrichment_JZBG 2023.jpg

(Paper) Effects of Failure on California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus) Gameplay Strategies and Interest in a Cognitive Task: Implications for Cognitive Enrichment in Pinnipeds
 (Roberts et al., 2023)

Biologgers_Welfare_JZAR 2023.jpg

(Paper) Multi-sensor biologgers and innovative training allow data collection with high conservation and welfare value in zoos
(English et al, 2023)

Interpretation design_Zoo Biology 2023.jpg

(Paper) Assessing the effect of interpretation design traits on zoo visitor engagement
(Edney et al., 2023)

Bali starling enrichment_JZBG 2023.jpg

(Paper) Quantifying Acute Behavioral Reactions of Bali Mynas (Leucopsar rothschildi) to Environmental and Progressively Challenging Enrichment
(Baskir et al., 2023)

CMZ first crop_sustainable farming 2023.jpg

(News) Sustainable Farming at the Zoo: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Shipping Container Farm Produces First Crop! 

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