Modern zoos: Saving wildlife, boosting science & educating the world!

Despite much controversy around zoos, they are vital conservation agents nowadays. They are also committed to educating their visitors and contributing to scientific research.

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Endangered Captive-Bred Louisiana Pine Snakes Reintroduced Into the Wild

Zoos Matter, Science Says! - MEME Series!

Our “Zoos Matter, Science Says!” MEME series features peer-reviewed scientific papers that highlight the contribution of zoos & aquariums to conservation, research, education & recreation.

Critically Endangered Zoo-Bred Regent Honeyeaters Reintroduced Into the Wild


We are joining #PrideMonth celebrations in our very own way: with zoo science! The Zoo Scientist stands with the LGBTQ+ community in their fight for equality, tolerance and love! #loveislove

Development of an environmental enrichment programme: case study of white Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris bengalensis) and jaguar (Panthera onca) at Moscow Zoo (Podturkin & Papaeva, 2020)

The only thing better than Sundays is #ScienceSundays! A paper out in JZAR investigated the impacts of an enrichment programme on a tiger and a jaguar at Moscow Zoo, using data collected by the keepers. Enrichment-directed behaviours increased in both species, but impacts on general activity were only seen for the tiger.

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