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Baboon foraging enrichment_JZAR 2022.jpg

Paper: Foraging enrichment affects behaviour and enclosure utilisation in captive male gelada Theropithecus gelada
(Hurley & Cotton, 2022)

Breeding Season Perth Zoo.jpg

Boost for Native Breed-for-Release Programme with Thriving Breeding Season at Perth Zoo

bat mortality_JZAR 2022.jpg

Paper: Mortality and morbidity in captive Livingstone’s fruit bats Pteropus livingstonii 
(Segura-Cortijos et al., 2022).

Binturong behaviour_JZBG 2022.jpg

 Paper: Zoo Closure Does Not Affect Behavior and Activity Patterns of Palawan Binturong (Arctictis binturong whitei)
(Finch et al., 2022)

Polar bear thermo_Zoo Biology 2022.jpg

Paper: The use of infrared thermography to noninvasively measure the surface temperature of polar bears during bouts of social plays
(Bissonnette, Waterman & Petersen, 2022)