Modern zoos: Saving wildlife, boosting science & educating the world!

Despite much controversy around zoos, they are vital conservation agents nowadays. They are also committed to educating their visitors and contributing to scientific research.

The Zoo Scientist will show you 


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Need Cheering Up? We can Help!

☀️In order to lighten up the lives of people in these gloomy times, we will be adding daily photos of the cutest, prettiest and most interesting animals zoos have to offer... all with a dash of science, OF COURSE!

Chester Zoo Reintroduces 800 Critically Endangered Snails Back Into the Islands of Bermuda

Ethical considerations when conservation research involves people (Brittain et al., 2020)

Social science is a very important tool in wildlife conservation and increasingly used in zoo research to evaluate the impacts of zoo education on their visitors.
A new paper in Conservation Biology discusses the ethical considerations and challenges of conservation research involving human participants.

Europe's First Successful Breeding of Fairy Penguins Just Occurred at Weymouth Aquarium

*Blog Post* Virtual Reality: The Next Step for Zoos & Aquariums

Immotion Group's Rod Findley discusses how virtual reality can be used by zoos and aquariums to educate, engage and inspire their visitors.

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