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Dolphin enrichment_JZBG 2022.jpg

Environmental Enrichment Factors Associated with the Activity Level of Bottlenose Dolphins under Professional Care (Lauderdale et al., 2022)

Dusky gopher frog_Zoo  Biology 2022.jpg

First natural breeding of the endangered dusky gopher frog (Lithobates sevosus) in captivity (Reichling et al., 2022)

puerto rican crested toad_reintroduction_san antonio zoo.jpg

San Antonio Zoo Releases 5,000 Threatened Tadpoles in Wild

Red panda reintroduction 2022_Darjeeling Zoo.jpg

Zoo-Bred Red Pandas Reintroduced Into the Wild in India

Gorilla welfare_JZAR 2021.jpg

Feasibility and validity of the Animal Welfare Assessment Grid to monitor the welfare of zoo-housed gorillas Gorilla gorilla gorilla (Brouwers & Duchateau, 2021)