Modern zoos: Saving wildlife, boosting science & educating the world!

Despite much controversy around zoos, they are vital conservation agents nowadays. They are also committed to educating their visitors and contributing to scientific research.

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"World Parrot Day" Special: Parrot Science at the Zoo

We are joining the World Parrot Day celebrations with a new blog post from our own director Ricardo, featuring his research on zoo-parrot behavioural ecology.

Zoos Matter, Science Says! - MEME Series!

Our “Zoos Matter, Science Says!” MEME series features peer-reviewed scientific papers that highlight the contribution of zoos & aquariums to conservation, research, education & recreation.

"Rhino Conservation in Zoos" By Save the Rhino International

Marine Conservation: Florida Aquarium is Working to Protect & Restore World's Third Largest Barrier Reef

Learning and hunting success of burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia) during pre-release live-prey training in the Manitoba burrowing owl recovery program (Anholt et al., 2020)

New study out in JZAR investigated the hunting success of captive burrowing owls, during the live-prey training of a breed-for-release programme. There was a low depredation rate, which was negatively affected by handling the owls before sessions. An increase in hunting success was observed in the following year, due to adjustments in the training protocols.

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