Modern zoos: Saving wildlife, boosting science & educating the world!

Despite much controversy around zoos, they are vital conservation agents nowadays. They are also committed to educating their visitors and contributing to scientific research.

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Latest Updates

Threat or treat for tourism organizations? The Copenhagen Zoo social media storm (Rydén et al., 2020)

Zoos and other tourism organisations often face online uprisings: Social Media Storms. A new paper used a case study of Copenhagen Zoo to investigate the challenges and opportunities of these social media storms, and proposed a conceptual framework to help organisations dealing with these situations.

Living Coasts' New Partnership and Project for the Protection of Torbay's Seagrass Meadows

Evaluating the Reliability of Non-Specialist Observers in the Behavioural Assessment of Semi-Captive Asian Elephant Welfare (Webb et al., 2020)

New study found that three non-experienced observers were generally able to accurately and consistently record specific stress and work behaviours in semi-captive Asian elephants. These results show the potential of elephant workers in southeast Asia to effectively monitor the welfare of their animals.

Captive-bred Madagascar Pochards Breed in the Wild Just a Year After Release

Swimming features in captive odontocetes: Indicative of animals’ emotional state? (Serres et al., 2020)

Fresh new study investigated swimming features in different species of captive marine mammals and their potential applications for welfare assessment. The study also found that environmental enrichment resulted in a decrease of circular, fast and social swimming, which were higher during stressful events.

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