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Lesser flamingo nocturnal behaviour_JZBG 2022.jpg

Paper: What’s Black and White and Pink All Over? Lesser Flamingo Nocturnal Behaviour Captured by Remote Cameras
(Rose et al., 2022)

Wisent reintroduction_Nov 2022.jpg

News: Zoo-Bred European Bison Reintroduced in National Park in Azerbaijan

Sloth bear_Cleveland Metroparks Zoo_JZAR 2022.jpg

Paper: Diet impacts the structure and function of the bacterial community in the gastrointestinal tract of a sloth bear
(Loudon et al., 2022)

Contraception Capra_Zoo Biology 2022.jpg

Paper: Single or repeated immunization against GnRH fails to completely abolish spermatogenesis in dwarf bucks (Capra hircus)
(Giriboni et al. 2022)

California Condor release_2022.jpg

News: Zoo-Bred California Condor Released in Redwood National Park, US