Modern zoos: Saving wildlife, boosting science & educating the world!

Despite much controversy around zoos, they are vital conservation agents nowadays. They are also committed to educating their visitors and contributing to scientific research.

The Zoo Scientist will show you 


Latest Updates

The Struggle of Zoos & Aquariums due to COVID-19 Restrictions is Threatening the Conservation of Endangered Species

Zoo-Supported Research by Polar Bears International is Monitoring Polar Bear Movements & Sea Ice Extensions.

Zoos Matter, Science Says! - MEME Series!

Our “Zoos Matter, Science Says!” MEME series features peer-reviewed scientific papers that highlight the contribution of zoos & aquariums to conservation, research, education & recreation.

Zoos Provided Rhino Conservation Charity with Over £150,000 to Conservation Efforts in 2019/2020

Extinct-in-the-Wild Micronesian Kingfisher Hatches at San Antonio Zoo

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