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Environmental Enrichment

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"Enrichment is a dynamic process for enhancing animal environments within the context of the animals behavioral biology and natural history. Environmental changes are made with the goal of increasing the animal's behavioral choices and drawing out their species-appropriate behaviors, thus enhancing animal welfare.

AZA Behavior Scientific Advisory Group, 1999

"Environmental enrichment, also known as behavioural enrichment, provides species-appropriate challenges, opportunities and stimulation. Environmental enrichment includes the regular provision of dynamic environments, cognitive challenges and social opportunities."

Enrichment categories

There are different types of enrichment, which stimulate the animals in different ways

These categories are not mutually exclusive - some enrichment devices may simultaneously fit in more than one!

1. Food-based

Enrichment Road Map.png

The videos below show environmental enrichment in action, for each category!

2. Sensory

3. Structural

4. Cognitive

5. Social

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