Conferences & Talks

BIAZA Education Conference 2019

July 26, 2019

Date: 20th - 23rd November 2019

Location: RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

Conservation Education 2029 - Where do we go from here?

This year's themes for the conference focus on the following:

  • Learning from the past (lessons learned)

  • Learning from others (partnership working and non-member talks)

  • Looking outwith our walls (outreach and inclusivity)

  • Making it count (good evaluation and applying the BIAZA guidelines)

  • Reaching all visitors (Development of interpretation and effective utilisation of volunteers)

  • Predicting the future and telling the world (innovative approaches, sharing good practice, publications etc)

International Conference on Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence (IUCN SSC)

June 11, 2019

Date: April 1-3 2020

Location: University of Oxford Examination Schools, UK

The conference will be an international event aiming to bring together researchers, community leaders, government representatives and participants from academic, non-profit, and private sectors from around the world to advance knowledge, foster inter-disciplinary discussions and find solutions to mitigate and manage human-wildlife conflict. The programme will include scientific presentations, discussions and learning platforms of interest to practitioners, policy makers, donors and community leaders alike. It will be an interdisciplinary conference, seeking participation from diverse fields such as ecology, animal behaviour, psychology, law, conflict analysis, mediation and peacebuilding, international development, economics, anthropology, and many more. 

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