In this section, you can find opinion articles on the importance of zoos in modern society.

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"Rhino Conservation in Zoos" By Save the Rhino International

May 25, 2020

How do zoos support rhino conservation? Save the Rhino International supports 25 field programmes for wild rhinos and is partnered with over 30 zoos. In this article, they discuss the role of zoos in rhino conservation, from breeding programmes to research and support to in-situ conservation.

"How zoos and aquariums can help save 1 million species from extinction" by American Humane's CEO

May 14, 2019

The recently released U.N. report further highlighted the massive impact we are having on the planet and the danger world's biodiversity is in. Modern zoos and aquariums may be the last hope for the conservation of many of the species that are in risk... Have a look at this opinion article by the CEO of the American Humane.

Jane Goodall Honoured to be Part of Zoo Community!

May 06, 2019

On top of telling the new generation of conservationists they can make a difference for wildlife, Jane Goodall has also spoken about the importance of zoos!

"Dr Goodall said she was honoured by the dedication and to be a part of the zoo's community, especially as zoos, such as Taronga, were "playing a major part in conservation efforts and education"."

"The animals who live a better life in the zoo than the wild" by Auckland Zoo's Director

March 13, 2019

Auckland Zoo's Director, Kevin Buley, explains why captivity doesn't necessarily mean miserable animals, and that, as habitats in the wild suffer under human pressure, some animals live better lives in the zoo than they would in the wild.

"The importance of zoos" by ZSL's Director General

March 01, 2019

Another opinion article on the vital role of modern zoos in fighting extinction, by ZSL's Director General, Dominic Jermey. This comes after four Northern Bald Ibis were sent from ZSL London Zoo to Spain, for reintroduction into the wild, as part of an ex-situ project that is returning this species to its former range.

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