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Conservation education _ZOO BIOLOGY 2022.jpg

Paper: Beyond inspiration: Translating zoo and aquarium experiences into conservation behavior
 (Routman et al., 2022)

PZ_dormice release 2022.webp

Dozens of Captive-Bred Dormice Reintroduced in England

tortoise_species360 2022.jpg

Data from Species360 ZIMS Shows Slow to No Aging in Some Testudines

Giraffe welfare perceptions_JZBG 2022.jpg

Paper: The More the Merrier? Zoo Visitors’ Affective Responses and Perceptions of Welfare across an Increase in Giraffe Density
 (Sherman et al., 2022)

Durrell Rare pygmy hogs released into the wild.png

Captive-Bred Pygmy Hogs Reintroduced into the Wild in India