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Silver-backed Mouse Deer Rediscovered in Vietnam After 30 Years

November 13, 2019

The silver-backed mouse deer (or chevrotain) was re-discovered in Vietnam after being lost to science since 1990. This achievement was made possible by camera trap technology and the work of Global Wildlife Conservation, supported by several zoos and institutions, and will encourage the reinforcement of protection measures for this species and its habitat.

Indian Tiger Population Grows to Almost 3,000 Individuals in Four Years

July 28, 2019

Fantastic news to celebrate in this #InternationalTigerDay! The Indian tiger population has increased to almost 3,000 animals in the last four year, showing how effective conservation efforts can be! Lets all keep working together for wildlife.

Hyenas: Villains in the Cinema but Ecosystem Heroes in Real Life?

July 19, 2019

With The Lion King now out, many of its fans are running to the cinemas! Some of the most important characters in the movie are also seriously misunderstood in real life: hyenas may be villains in the movie, but they play a vital role in the ecosystem they are part of.. They are also fascinating animals! The following article by National Geographic explains exactly that.

IUCN Updates: Over 25% of Assessed Species are Threatened With Extinction

July 17, 2019

The threat status of 105,732 species was assessed by IUCN, and over 1/4 of those (28,338) are threatened with extinction. Unsustainable fishing, hunting for bushmeat and habitat loss have been responsible for the decline of several species!

Not the best of news and it's now more important than ever that we work together for wildlife!

Make Responsible Consumer Choices with App. Designed by Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

November 27, 2018

Want to make responsible, smarter consumer choices that positively impact orangutans in the wild? Want to ensure that the products you use are 100% certified sustainable palm oil? If you said yes, then download this app.! Developed by the Cheyenne Zoo in Colorado, USA, this app. contains a comprehensive list of companies that have recently joined the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). From food to drinks and beyond, learn how YOU can make smarter decisions that will ultimately benefit the orangutans of Indonesia and their rainforest habitats. Available for androids and iPhones!


Download app. at:

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